Juan Carlos Oliva (1973)

Began sailing in Valencia (Spain) at the age of 7 with his father Giancarlo Oliva. After a brief pass through the dinghy class moves to compete in the most prestigious races in the Mediterranean onboard the most competitive boats in the area wining at the early age of twelve the Diana Gold Cup (1985), Sir Thomas Lipton Cup (1987), Almirante Marcial Sanchez Barcaiztegui (1990), Territorial Championships and Winter Championships among others.

At the age of sixteen in 1989 finished in third place in the Copa del Rey (First Class 8 – first Monotype fleet taking part in the prestigious regatta) In 1996 arrived into professional sailing being part of the Italian pro team “Winterthur ”, where participates in the most important races in Italy and Copa del Rey (Spain). In 1997 repeats onboard “Winterthur ” in Italy and Spain.

In 1998, 1999 and 2000 sail onboard Italian pro team “Yaa Man Winterthur” along world-class tactician as Tommaso Chieffi (ITA), Chris Larson (USA), Ross Macdonald (CAN), Tony Ray (USA), Paolo Cian (ITA), Roberto Spata (ITA). Winning his first World Championship IMS 1999 (Yaa Man Winterthur), and Sardinia Cup 2000 (World Team Championship) sailing on the Spanish team “Telefónica Movistar”.

In 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 sail onboard Italian pro team “Wind Sailing Team” with Lorenzo Bressani always as skipper, doing navigation for high level tacticians as Adrian Stead (ENG) & Tommaso Chieffi (ITA).

In 2004 sail as navigator onboard the Italian professional team “Honda X-Prozac” along the tandem (Benussi-Spangaro) as well as in pro team “Lexus-Wind” skippered by Lorenzo Bressani.

In 2005 sail onboard VOR 60 Amer Sport One and in Italian Pro Team “Orlanda Olympus” in the new TP52 class skippered by Tommaso Chieffi. Signed early January 2005 on Italian AC Team +39 Challenge for the 32 America ´s Cup.

In 2006, although focused on +39 Challenge, makes international regattas as 56 Cento Miglia Cup (Lago de Garda, Italy) in the spectacular Líbera Class, Swan Cup (Sardinia Italy) Trapani Cento Cup “Match Race Grade 1″ (Sicily-Italy), Beneteau 25 World Championship (Vigo-Spain) with excellent results in all competitions.

In 2007 once the LVC is over for +39 challenge, Sail as Strategist onboard TP52 class Anonimo as well as the new class GP42 onboard Rome GP. Sail as Coach and Strategist onboard 12m Hissar in Grand Prix World Championship class as well as coach for the Rolex Veteran Boat Race onboard Freedom 12m. Join as Sports Director the first European Circuit for Youth Match Race Sailors.

In 2008 sail in various classes as ORC / IRC, Mini Maxi, Monotypes, Match Race among others, but mainly focuses on the Transat Prototype class 6.50 preparing the next Mini Transat 2009. Competition which will take until the end of the year absolute dedication 2009.

In 2009 sail in Transat Prototype Class 6.50, in his prototype Lombard 624 preparing the Charente Maritime – Bahía. Due to a disagreement with the mini class and after having sailed over 9000 nautical miles in 12 months, is excluded from the competition two days before the start. In that moment is when it sets controlled by the RFEV, The First and Only to the current date, Record Bilbao – Barcelona single handed and nonstop, 13 days 19 hours to complete the 1500 nautical miles distance between both cities.

In 2010 sail in various Monotypes international Circuits, Sail the ORC / IRC, follows the International Match Race Circuit as Tactician of young Italian talent Simone Ferrarese and his father Roberto Ferrarese. Sail the Transat Prototype Class 6.50 where he finished in second position the Mini Empúries Race. Became Spanish Champion of Transat Class 6.50 Prototype. Is Technical Director of “Grael Center”, sailing schools in Sicily.

In 2011 sail the Monotypes Circuits, class ORC / IRC and Match Race among others, but focuses more time preparing the Charente Maritime – Bahía 2011. Finishes second in the important San Remo Mini Solo. Starts Charente Maritime – Bahía 2011 in high ranking positions until he must retire on day 9th of competition due to a leak in the Canting Keel Box, close to Funchal.

In 2012 sail the monotypes circuits, ORC / IRC, Match Race and in different offshore class, highlighting and always getting podium results . Two important third place in Joan Guiu as skipper of Akilaria 9.5 Nou i Mig as well as in the difficult and recognized Le Grand Huit Race of Grand Motte´s in the Transat class 6.50 prototype. The great success of 2012 comes with the victory in the Valencia AIR race on the Transat 6.50 prototype official circuit.

In 2013 sail the monotypes circuits, ORC / IRC and various offshore classes like Transat 6.50 Prototype. Starts as Sports Director and Skipper the Project Fandango 300 for the Offshore double handed Circuit 2014.

In 2014 sail the monotypes circuits, ORC / IRC, Match Race and in different offshore class winning with Italian Team NEO the Rolex Middle Sea Race as Navigator in a very tough edition on the big class on IRC1.

In 2015 sail the monotypes circuits, ORC / IRC, Match Race and in different offshore class finishing 4th overall in the Palermo – Montecarlo race as navigator onboard Italian team Milù. Start collaborating with the SPBYC on their Swan60 fleet.

In 2016 sail the monotypes circuits, ORC / IRC, Match Race and in different offshore class boats sailing Palermo – Montecarlo race as navigator onboard Italian team Milù. Also sail for the SPBYC Swan 60 fleet including the Nord Stream Race in the Baltic Sea. Collaborates with Bronenosec TP52 team.

In 2017 joins the Club Swan 50 SPBYC Fleet as Fleet Captain competing in the Club Swan 50 circuit plus Nord Stream Race. Collaborates with Bronenosec TP52 team.

In 2018 sail the Club Swan 50 Circuit & Nord Stream Race. Holds the role of SPBYC Club Swan 50 Fleet Captain. Collaborates with Bronenosec TP52 team.

In 2019 sail the Club Swan 50 Circuit & Nord Stream Race. Holds the role of SPBYC Club Swan 50 Fleet Captain. Sail offshore regattas as Fastnet Race among others,

In 2020 sail the Club Swan 50 Circuit regattas in Italy at the end of the COVID year. Holds the role of SPBYC Club Swan 50 Fleet Captain.

In 2021sail the Club Swan 50 Circuit & Nord Stream Race. Holds the role of SPBYC Club Swan 50 Fleet Captain. Sail on TP52 Zero Emission as Navigator on the Rolex Middle Sea Race among others regattas.

In 2022 holds the role of SPBYC Club Swan 50 Fleet Captain until March 2022 when all racing program got cancelled because the Russia – Ukraine War. After recovery from Right Knee Broken O´Donoghue Ligaments that let him on land for almost all season started collaborations with Swan50 Moonlight & TP52 Provezza 

Some Significant Palmares ;

  • 1 Diana Gold Cup (Denia – Spain 1985)
  • 1 Sr. Thomas Lipton Cup ( Javea – Spain 1987)
  • 3 Copa del Rey (Palma de Mallorca – Sapin 1989)
  • 1 Marcial Sanchez Barcaiztegui ( Valencia – Spain 1990)
  • 1 IMS World Championship (Sardinia – Italy 1999)
  • 1 World IMS Team Championship IMS (Sardina Cup, Sardinia-Italy 2000)
  • 3 IMS World Championship Yaa Man Winterthur  (Newport, Rode Island EEUU 2000)
  • 2 IMS World Championship Wind Sailing Team  (Valencia – Spain 2001)
  • 2 Italian Championships IMS (Genoa, Naples 1999, 2001)
  • 3 Cup podiums in IMS (Palma de Mallorca 1996, 1997, 2003)
  • 1 Trofeo Ulysse Nardin IMS (Palma de Mallorca 2004)
  • 32th America’s Cup +39 Challenge 2005-2007
  • 1 Trofeo Quebramar-Chrisler Cascais GP42 (2007, Portugal)
  • 3 Race 2 Oceans Mini Transat Prototype class 6.50 (2008)
  • 1st. Record Bilbao – Barcelona Transat 6.50 solo (13 days 19 hours) (2009)
  • Spanish Champion 2010 Class Transat 6.50 Prototype (2010)
  • 2º San Remo Mini Solo (Italy 2011)
  • Charente Maritime – Bahía 2011- DNF
  • 3° Joan Guiu 2012, Skipper Akilaria 9.5 (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 3º Le Grand Huit Race Solo 2012, Transat 6.50 Prototype (Le Grand Motte, France)
  • 1 AIR Solo Race of Valencia, Transat 6.50 Prototype (Valencia, Spain)
  • 1 Rolex Middle Sea Race NEO Team IRC1
  • 6 Times Nord Stream Race
  • 2 Times Rolex Fastnet Race
  • 4 Times Rolex Middle Sea Race
  • 3 Times Palermo Montecarlo
  • Class Libera 100 Miglie Garda Lake
  • 1 Time Mini Fastnet Race
  • BMW Sail Academy – Pro Skipper 

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Captain
  • Decision making skill
  • Great skill of people and time management,
  • Able to work independently or cooperate in a group,
  • Ronscientious and precise delivery of work even when under pressure,
  • Ready to improve different skills in a short period of time
  • Languages (English,Spanish, Italian , French )
  • Group facilitating
  • Able to assess the conditions prevailing on the sea
  • Results oriented
  • Meteorology and strategy expert
  • Meteorologist University of Torino – Master with Alessandro Pezzoli  
  • Navigation program Expedition – Faro Software
  • Weather Forecast + Routing